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Would you like to start or grow a business?

A loan from Fredericks Foundation could make it possible.

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Quick Questions...

Where can you offer loans to?2019-10-09T15:20:03+01:00

You can apply for a loan if you are a U.K. resident living in England and Wales. Unfortunately we do not currently offer funding in Ireland or Scotland.

What is the duration of the loan?2019-10-15T15:23:53+01:00

The terms and structure of any loan offer will be entirely at the discretion of the funding panel - most loans are agreed for repayment over 2 to 3 years though the term may be shorter (1 year) or longer (up to 5 years) depending on the size of the loan and the circumstances.

How is the loan repaid?2019-10-09T15:36:02+01:00

If you are successful and a loan is awarded you will receive a Loan Agreement giving full details of the monthly payments and loan term. If you wish to accept the loan you should sign and return the relevant copy of the agreement together with the direct debit mandate that accompanies the loan offer. This will be forwarded to your bank who will set up a monthly direct debit from your business bank account to Fredericks Foundation.

If I have outstanding debts and a poor credit history – will that prevent me from obtaining a loan?2019-10-18T14:37:41+01:00

No. We will consider your application and look at what actions you have taken to address your debts. It will count in your favour if you can show that you have made arrangements with your creditors. When you have obtained your Statutory Credit Report, make sure you read through it and understand everything that is on there.

Quick Loan Calculator

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In addition, each loan is subject to an arrangement fee of either a minimum of £500 OR a maximum of 10% of the loan’s value. Calculator for indicative purposes only. Interest rate determined by loan type on application.

Growth Loans

Loans of up to £15,000 for startups, £35,000 for growing businesses

Fredericks Foundation is a charity which helps people build good businesses throughout society, by lending responsibly to those excluded from mainstream credit. If a bank has said no to your business proposition, let us see if we can help make it a reality.

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Loans for startups of up to £15,000

  • A fixed loan of up to £15,000 for startups – for if you aren’t trading or are in the early stages of revenue generation
  • Rates 14% per annum, plus application fee if your application is successful
  • With business support and mentoring available to get you off the ground
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Flexible business loans up to £35,000

  • Up to £35,000 depending on your location and trading history
  • Rates 8-14% per annum, plus application fee
  • With business support and mentoring
  • Loan can have special features, like REVOLVE – Up to 10%, when repaid, can be re-lent to the business on a revolving basis
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Loans for women-owned businesses

  • Ethical loans for women in all parts of society to start or advance a business
  • Loans up to £35,000 depending on circumstances
  • Rates of 8-14% per annum, plus application fee
  • With business support and mentoring, alongside access to a burgeoning Women’s Network for support
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Loans for startups

A fixed loan of up to £15,000 for startup businesses.

Flexible business loans

Lend up to £35,000 with our flexible business loans.

Business loans for women

Ethical loans for women to start or advance a business.