About Our Loans

Fredericks Foundation loans

Fredericks Foundation's mission is to provide small business loans to people excluded from mainstream credit, creating choice not charity, and giving individuals the opportunity to transform their lives, building a society based on dignity - not on handouts.

We can lend to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies alike, and you can apply no matter what stage your business is at - whether you require money to start up, capital to expand your business, or funds to bridge a gap.

Fredericks Foundation operates across England and Wales and your business will need to be within an area that we cover to consider your application.

Poor Credit History

Lending to people with poor credit

Many mainstream banks can’t, or won’t, fund startups or businesses where the applicant has a poor credit history, or little or no track record in running a business - and these are the people who need the funding the most. These businesses create valuable opportunities in the communities they serve, and the lack of finance available stifles them.

Fredericks Foundation aims to help those people to help themselves. Our interest rates reflect the increased risk that we take, but they’re fair and allow us to continue helping more and more people.

During your application process we’ll look at your bad credit and debts, and we’ll only lend to you if the repayments will be affordable. We don’t want to put you into more debt.

Your Application

Can I apply for a loan?

The first thing you will have to demonstrate is that you have made an application for funds to your bank or a mainstream lender – and that you have been turned down. Our funds are there to help when banks will not.

You then need to be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions to start your application.

  • Are you currently repaying all your existing debts?
  • Are you prepared to give personal references?
  • Are you able to provide photographic ID i.e passport or driving licence?
  • Are you aware of the upfront fee, which is a minimum of £500 and a maximum of 10% of your loan value?

Help shape your application

Before you apply

If you haven’t already run your own business, we strongly suggest that you do lots of research and some training, if it’s available to you.

The Business Support Helpline can tell you about free courses in your area if you phone 0845 600 9006.

You can also send a request to volunteer@fredericksfoundation.org to get access our online library. The library contains all the information you are likely to require to help you get organised, write your plans and complete your loan application.

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