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Fredericks Foundation loans

At Fredericks Foundation, we pride ourselves on looking holistically at the whole of the business proposition when we make lending decisions.

Most of our lending is done through our loans for startups, loans for growing businesses and loans for female-led businesses, but if you meet our eligibility criteria and need something a little different, we’d always be happy to speak to you.

These are the main three loans we can offer to entrepreneurs with poor credit.

Loans for startups of up to £15,000

  • A fixed loan of up to £15,000 for startups – for if you aren’t trading or are in the early stages of revenue generation
  • Rates 14% per annum, plus application fee if your application is successful
  • With business support and mentoring available to get you off the ground
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Flexible business loans up to £35,000

  • Up to £35,000 depending on your location and trading history
  • Rates 8-14% per annum, plus application fee
  • With business support and mentoring
  • Loan can have special features, like REVOLVE – Up to 10%, when repaid, can be re-lent to the business on a revolving basis
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Loans for women-owned businesses

  • Ethical loans for women in all parts of society to start or advance a business
  • Loans up to £35,000 depending on circumstances
  • Rates of 8-14% per annum, plus application fee
  • With business support and mentoring, alongside access to a burgeoning Women’s Network for support
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