Established Businesses

Loans for established businesses

The need for financial support doesn’t end when a business gets up and running, but the same issues around poor credit and access to finance still exist.

The Fredericks Foundation loan for established businesses is truly flexible, and has some special features to make sure it can meet the needs of most businesses.

Maximum loan value: £35,000 - Loan must not exceed more than 100% of average monthly turnover
Term: 6 months to 5 years
Interest Rate: 8-14%
Upfront Fee: Min £500, max 10% of loan value
Personal Guarantee: May be required in certain circumstances

Special features

This type of loan has the possibility of rolling over. When you have paid back 10% or more of the loan, in line with all the loan conditions, then the same amount that has been paid back can be re-borrowed with a simplified application process and an additional normally lower admin fee.

You can have your loan approved but paid out at different times, depending on your business needs, stopping you from paying more interest than you need to or overborrowing.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for lower rates and fees, you must have been trading for two years

You’ll be supported by the Fredericks team throughout the term of your loan, and you’ll have access to our network for more help and support.

The Fredericks online community enables all stakeholders to simply and easily communicate with one another, via forums and bulletin boards; and share information about themselves, their products or services, their ideas and challenges, their solutions, successes and user stories.

There is a huge amount of knowledge available within our network of volunteers and mentors, that is now available to our clients and will greatly enhance their chance of success.

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