Loans for startups

Do you need finance to get your business off the ground?

The Fredericks Foundation loan for startups is designed to help people with bad credit get access to affordable funding, to launch or bolster young businesses in England.

Our loans are flexible, so we can tailor the amount and the term of the loan in a way that makes your repayments affordable alongside any other debts you may have, whilst getting your business up and running and keeping it trading.

Maximum loan value: £15,000
Term: 6 months to 5 years
Interest Rate: 14% per annum
Upfront Fee: Min £ 500 or 10% of the loan value
Personal Guarantee: May be required in certain circumstances
Eligibility Criteria: Companies who are pre-revenue, or in the early days of trading and producing revenue


You’ll be supported by the Fredericks team throughout the term of your loan, and you’ll have access to our network for more help and support.

The Fredericks online community enables all stakeholders to simply and easily communicate with one another, via forums and bulletin boards; and share information about themselves, their products or services, their ideas and challenges, their solutions, successes and user stories.

There is a huge amount of knowledge available within our network of volunteers and mentors, that is now available to our clients and will greatly enhance their chance of success.

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